Ramasrinu Rayavarapu


• ERP Supply Chain and Financials analyst by day job. Client fleet include Conduent, Optum(UHG Group), GE, CVS.

• Hustler by heart. Founded Bharosaa.com, CollegeStash.info, FounderBooks.com, Billionleads.co

• Master of Science in Software Engineering

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Core Strengths

• Building Technology Products - I share passion for great designs and products. Built multiple software products, and will continue to do so.

• Enterprise Solution Design - Worked for several years on Healthcare Supply Chain design and Finacial systems design for Transportation Tolling Automation.

• Early investing in Startups - If you're passionate to build products in Healthcare or Government Tech, I would love to work with you

Products & Services


• Preventive Health Manager for immigrant families in India.


• A platform to curate best online resources and tools for College students.

2nd most voted for the launch week on ProductHunt with 220 votes. Google Fact Check stealed 1st place


• A place to discover business book recommendations by Founders and CEOs.


• A Digital Agency for Web Design, Social Media Marketing and Animation.


• NGO founded out of neccessity to help the supercyclone Hudhud victims in Vizag, India and rapidly fundraised 7300 USD to support relief operations

• Actively working on eradicating child begging in Vizag, India since 2015.

• Adopted 10 street begging kids in October 2015, writes a 600 USD check each month to fund kids expenses which sums to 24120 USD by the end of 2019.

• Founded in October 2014.


• A blog to write on U.S Education and Immigration.

• Launched in July 2011.

Reading List

Currently Reading

• The Lean Startup

Future Reads

• Founders at Work

• Walt Disney

• Venture Deals

• The Effective Executive

• Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In

Recent Reads

• The Hard Thing About Hard Things

• Zero to One

• The Challenger Sale

• Steve Jobs (All time favorite)

• The Power of Now

• Catherine the Great

• Einstein: His Life and Universe

• The Alchemist

• Benjamin Franklin: An American Life

Podcast Love

• The Top by Nathan Latka

• The Investors Podcast